SIN VIDA Mexican is a food journey through the Day of the Dead. We offer an exceptional Mexican dining experience that aims for nothing less than the best Mexican in Brisbane.

By sharing the story and meaning of the Day of the Dead we hope to inspire you to celebrate life with sangria, tequila, friends, family and amazing Mexican food.

Don't expect the kind of Mexican food you've had before.  SIN VIDA's menu is full of new experiences, using traditional ingredients from Mexico and the Aztec and Pre-Columbian cultures, and preparing them in unique and surprising ways that pay homage to the Day of the Dead.

Discover local favourites like our SEVEN CHILE GOAT BARBACOA and BISTEC FAJITA PLATO with its tender black onyx skirt steak, fried peppers, red rice, salsa fresco and authentic tortilla.

Or lose yourself in Brisbane's best taco menu, and go crazy deciding between devilishly delicious choices like BAJA FISH, PORK BELLY MOLE NEGRO and SMOKED BEEF BRISKET with PICO DE GAYO.

SIN VIDA MEXICAN also offer TAKEAWAY - check out the TAKEAWAY MENU by clicking here.



SIN VIDA Mexican's drinks list is designed for celebrations and adventures.  Our house made Sangria has been touted as the best in Brisbane, and is available by the glass or in jugs to shares with your amigas.

Of course you can spend days exploring our tequila and mezcals with a huge section of favourites and rare rewards from Mexico's famous export.  True tequila aficionados will revel in the significant collection of aged tequilas.

Sometimes (rarely) tequila is not a good option. Beer lovers will rejoice at the selection of Day of the Dead beers, and will never forget their first 'Michelada', a salt rimmed beer with hot sauce and tomato juice!

The SIN VIDA cocktail list includes our famous 'Wake the Dead', a Day of the Dead take on the espresso martini, and the exquisitely different 'Tequila Tamarindo', with tequila, tamarind, lime and chilli.


Dia de los Muertos

Many thousands of years ago in what is now Mexico, creepy sacrificial rituals in ancient pre-columbian cultures paid homage to the dead. Then the mighty Aztecs developed a month long festival that has become the modern Day of the Dead tradition. When the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztecs in the 1500s they anglicised the Day of the Dead tradition and merged it with Christian beliefs and traditions. Today the Day of the Dead is recognised the world over, and SIN VIDA is bringing the spirit of Dia de los Muertos to Brisbane, Australia.


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